Hate is a very strong word and for me is a really bad thing. Having hate deep in our hearts and keeping them bottled up is even worse. 

How shall we deal with them though? How do we surpass such stage? This is a question that I have been wanting to be answered. For all my life. 

I grew up with so much troubles. In my heart and my mind. Since I was a kid I knew what is being physically and sexually abused and I always shook it off. Which I came to realize at a later stage that it was wrong, in all different levels. At a young age, I came to learn how to handle this on my own. Believing that, this too, shall pass. 

I never want to have hate in every fibre of my being. I always want to let go and let God. But it is hard. There will always be instances wherein I will wish that I could have fought for myself, or maybe have that someone to fight for me. I never had that. And to add on to it, I had someone to look after too as well. So being weak was never an option for me, or so I thought. 

The thing with having hate in you especially if its all bottled up is there will come a time where in it will come back. Flashbacks. It’s like an unresolved issue, and it will haunt you and that hate will just suddenly come back all over again. 

I have to repeat to myself over and over again that I have to move on.. I have to let go.. I pray every single time for the hate to go away for God to teach me and my heart to forgive and let it go. It’s easier said than done but when you live in a world that has given you amounts of tragedies that will make you hate the world and life itself, it is damn hard to fight that feeling back. 

Looking on the bright side, I came out becoming a warrior of life itself. It was somehow easy for me to have problems like it was normal and I still manage to get myself out of it and then move forward.. It mold me to who I am today. And I should say that the past made me sure to myself that I am better than them.. and that I will be better than then. It is indeed a daily struggle. You need to have your mindset that you will be fine and you’ll get throught whatever life throws at you no matter what it is, no matter how hard it’ll knock you out.

Honestly.. it really is easy said than done.. but I do know in me that I will survive and I will be better at it as the day goes by.. 


Troubled Minds. Troubled Hearts.

Yesterday we found out that an old friend has passed away. He was only 38 years old. When I asked around at first what happen they said it was due to a nightmare or during his sleep or a heart attack. All the while I was thinking life was too short, and I couldn’t help but just think of heading home and just be with my kids and pour them with more hugs and kisses and attention. I didn’t even want to be away from them.

And a news broke out and it stunned us. He committed suicide.
He was a very protective guy. He jokes around, laughs around and you wouldn’t see a tiny bit of burden or problem from him. He was indeed someone that you’d want to hang out with just chat the night away. He will stop at nothing to make you laugh. He was like a big brother to anyone, and no matter how drunk you are he’d look after you. I haven’t seen him for a long time, and how I wish I could have kept in touch.

He had a lot of friends, but no one knew the reason behind this tragedy. What was happening and what triggered it. They only said that he was unhappy at work. This was something unbelievable and very shocking to everyone. I was thinking maybe I could have helped him, but he had more friends that I could ever imagine. What else could have I done? But I sure do hope that, I wish I was given a chance to have at least tried..

That’s when it got me thinking that life is and will always be unfair for some, and the burdens of some are way over what they can really take. Some say it may have cause of some financial struggle, that he had a debt that he couldn’t figure a way out of. Some said he was suffering depression. My question is, he had a lot of people to count on, talk to.. but why no one figured that something was wrong? Why didn’t he reached out? He was probably troubled in his mind, and he probably thought that ending his life was the solution. I do not know what is going through his wife’s mind right now. Let alone his daughter. They must be questioning themselves to as to what went wrong. 😢

This is what scares me the most.. people who are struggling, inside of them. They tend to go into this dark places and sometimes they get lost. I do get that sometimes, I guess, I am just one of the lucky ones who will try to dust it off and shake my head off the negativity. But I know that I am still scared.

Recently, there has been quite a high rise of suicides back here, especially with kids ranging from 11-16. Why do they do it? Pressure from academics, they got scolded because they weren’t doing great in school, bullied in school, isolation, loneliness and so much more. I wish I have a voice to reach out to them. To tell them it’s alright not to be okay sometimes, and it’s alright to feel weak and cry, but always remember that they aren’t alone in this battle. Whatever they are going through in life, mentally, emotionally even physically. There will always be someone who is going through the same thing so hang on tight. Call out. REACH OUT. It’s okay to show your weaknesses. It’s okay that you are not feeling okay.

I know I am not perfect, but everyday, I try as much as I can to be kind, to be nice. No matter how rude a stranger can be, I sometimes put in my head that maybe he/she’s just having a bad day and just let it go.

There’s a whole world out there and everyone is fighting their own battles. Life is hard and its never going to be easy.. but nothing is TOO HARD. Call out. Reach out. People will help. There will always be someone willing to help. I know I am.

Exhaustion. Insanity.

So what have I been up to? I have been in one of the craziest, most challenging and the most unstable moods in my entire life.

Do you ever wonder and wish that you were just like 14-15 where you barely care for anything. Wherein you could be selfish, and think about no one but yourself? Yeah, I never really had that moment in my life.

For those who will be reading, this ain’t entirely a happy post, so just giving you a heads up as I really don’t want to ruin your day or mood. It’s one of those days that I want to rant out.

I am now in a point in my life where in I want to be alone. I want to be away from reality for a while. It has been exhausting. Work, life, family.. everything has just been tiring. Sometimes, it all just boils down to breaking down, especially at night. I cry it all out because I am exhausted. Literally exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally.. and the only thing that’s keeping it all together is me still being strong spiritually. It has really been challenging, especially in the part where in you have to put on a brave face. It kills me when I know I have no choice but to be strong, because I have beautiful angels looking up to me and I gotta show them that Mommy is strong. But I am not, I am human, and I really don’t have supermommy powers.

There are times in life that it intends to disappoint you. It hands you struggles that sometimes is just too much to handle. It throws people in your life that are just to hard to understand, and I do not know how they do it, but certain scenarios happen and somehow you end up questioning yourself if there is anything wrong with you. But in reality, there really is none. It’s just that the other side tend not to understand your situation.

I am in deep thoughts. Questioning all the whys and how comes in this situation. Am I not understanding enough? Am I selfish? My head is going in circles and feels like someone is hammering it from the inside from thinking too much, and seriously I just want my mind to stop thinking and shut it down. How can I do that? If any of you have found any solution, please let me know.

I am just so down. I am in the point where I feel like I’ve had enough. 😦


Real eyes. Realise. Real lies.

Where do I start..

People lie. That’s the cold harsh honest truth in this life. That’s reality. Whether may it be for a good reason or its to keep someone from getting hurt. Or if its for one person’s own benefit. It really doesn’t matter what lies behind it but the main point is we all do lie.

What i hate the most though is sometimes it goes way beyond the line. People abuse one person just cause they think he or she won’t know the truth. What you dont know won’t kill you right? To tell you the truth, it hurts more and will kill that person more once they found out that what has really been going on.

People have to take in consideration the circumstances or choices that they make. It’s either they man up or be a mature person to tell the cold truth rather than keep a person in the dark.

I, for one, knows how it feels. What hurts the most is you blind yourself with the truth as well just so you do not get hurt. You make excuses for that person. You lie even to yourself just so you won’t feel the pain. Question is, does it really help? It will get us thru a day or two, but then there will be sleepless nights, endless questions.

I am ending this short piece with a quote that i have always loved from Grey’s. I believe this and this has somehow help me to stay away from lying especially to those who matters to me the most..

“The most hurtful kind of lies are the ones delivered by the people you care about the most. It makes you doubt everything you know and makes you wonder why you care so much and worst of all, it puts you in the position of deciding whether to tell them you know they’re lying or act like you’re too dull to even know the difference. Keep this in mind, the next time you lie to someone who cares about you, because more often than not, they know, and it hurts a lot.” – Grey’s Anatomy

For you all that hates being lied to, please do know your worth. Especially if it goes beyond the limit. Never make excuses for them and never ever lie to yourself just so you could numb the pain or escape it. No. Never ever. We are beautiful people that deserves the honest truth. No matter how painful it is. It’s better to know that in the end we are worth the truth than being lied to.


It’s a new site. I am excited.

I have had this site for awhile, but I didn’t get to find time to blog or start writing up. While i was going through my old blog, I knew I had to start a new one. I want a fresh start, where in I can share my post to everyone with what I am going through and how I try to deal with them.

Who knows.. maybe I get to save a life, maybe I get to touch one. Well, I really don’t know. 🙂

So bare with me as I go through this new journey of blogging. This will all be about life and reality.