Bye 2015.. Hello 2016..

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

2015 has definitely been a blast. Not only on my career side, but definitely it made a huge impact on my personal life.

There has been quite a lot of struggles and I must say it has taught me a lot. I’ve come to realize what is important and what I have to improve within myself and my life. 

It has taught me the true value and meaning of life. What’s important, who matters the most and how beautiful life is amidst of all the uncertainties. 

For now, I will need to blog more.. Share more of what I’ve encountered as this is truly an outlet for me. It gives me the strenght to let go of things that I will not be able to deal with, plus I get to share my thoughts and it will definitely let me sleep at night. Hehe 

So for now, I will leave at this and expect bunch more of stories coming out from my site. Whether it may be something nice or bad, hope it can help to shed some light to those that goes thru the same thing.. 

Embrace life.. Pass on the goodvibes and spread the love!!! Happy New Year to ya’ll!!!