Do we ever get over it?

Things happen.. We may like it or not.. Unwanted instances that could forever scar us will happen. It’s inevitable. Do we get over them? Do we get past them? Or do we just push it aside and place it at the back of our brains where it will never be thought of.

Life happens.. And believe it or not, there is no real truth with it being a fairytale. Life’s scary and it can be cruel.. But i do have to admit there is a sense of clarity amidst of all of it. We tend to question everything.. Especially if a situation occur that would hit us hard so much that we feel like we’re drowning. 

I wanted to start this blog and let go of my old one coz i wanted to do something more positive. I wanted to post something that could make an impact to someone else’s life. Truth of the matter is, I can’t. 

Writing and blogging was my only source of releasing all what is being kept in me. Feelings that I couldn’t share with anybody. Insights or what goes thru my head, it’s all gonna be bottled up if I dont blog about it. And it drives me crazy.. 

And tonight is one of those nights.. I’m just feeling really down.. Life sucks sometimes.. And we are left with nothing but to suck it up to be able to survive.. 


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